JMES is about creating immersive experiences that infuse culture into every facet of life. The heart of this immersive journey lies within its carefully curated spaces, which serve as vibrant hubs where the essence of JMES thrives.

Nestled in serene locations like Usedom and Gühlen, the JMES Retreats offer an escape for members to immerse themselves in the artistic spirit. These idyllic settings provide the perfect backdrop for fostering creativity, contemplation, and connection.

In Berlin Mitte, JMES extends its presence with thoughtfully designed exhibition spaces and ateliers. These spaces don't just showcase art; they embody it, providing a canvas for dialogue, exploration, and engagement. Here, established and emerging artists converge, exchanging ideas and sparking inspiration. At the heart of the capital city, JMES boasts a private members night club and a high-end loft designed to host extraordinary events in collaboration with prestigious luxury product brands. Both locations serve as a canvas for experiences that blend art, design, and innovation. They're space where creativity meets opulence, and where art is celebrated in its most refined form.

From retreats to exhibition spaces, JMES spaces are vibrant hubs where culture is experienced, celebrated, and lived. Each space is a testament to JMES's commitment to fostering a world where art, luxury, and community seamlessly intertwine.